Champion Flutterby Kiss Me Quick (Honey)

(2 Grand Champion Certificates)

Mylynn Matinee Idol x Flutterby Tooty Frooty

Chocolate Tortie Point (32b3)

Honey is a typical 'naughty tortie', full of character, spirit and always looking for fun. She is a good, strong girl who, aside from her typical tortie characteristics, is a kind and caring lady who often adopts the role of scout leader with the kittens in the house, taking them on expeditions to search out fun and high frolics. We are very grateful to Mr and Mrs Simpson for letting us have her.



Champion Mafdet Maiko

Grand Champion HighiQ Mafdet-Studmuffin x Mafdet Prada

Chocolate Point (24b)

Maiko is a delicate, fairy-like girl but with the courage of a lion, and usually keeps a watchful eye on the rest of the group to make sure they are behaving. She assumes she is in charge - well, she is a chocolate point after all and often comes up to you with a concerned look on her face to check you're ok. Thank you to Carol Bowles-Gowdy for such a beautiful and loving girl.



Tsaichin Sealedwithakiss (Daisy)

Kingshaven New Edition x Champion Toghar Maidtoorder

Seal Point (24)

Daisy is the youngest of our girls, but has the wisdom of a cat much older than her time, and her deep blue eyes seem to look deep into your soul. From the minute she arrived with us it was as if she'd been here a lifetime. A completely bomb-proof girl, who takes everything in her stride without batting a whisker. Thank you to Jacki Gray for such a wonderful member of the family.